4D Selling Process

Diagnose, Determine, Define, Desire

The 4D Selling Learning Programme

To be a professional, proficient and successful salesperson we need to develop our skills and knowledge. The 4D Selling Process is a sales procedure that enables a professional approach to sellling within an ethical and lawful framework.

The 4D Selling Process uses a number of skills to undertake a consultative approach to selling products and services to all types of buyers using a modern model and framework. It is sutiable for all types of selling and sectors. The skills and knowledge it develops may be used by student, aspiring or existing sales professionals.

This programme provides the learner with the knowledge of how to impliment a sales process and framework successfully within a number of environments. These include;

Retail Salesperson

Sales Representative

Business Development Executive

Shop Assistant


Store Assistant

Sales Consultant

Sales Executive

Sales & Marketing Executive

Direct Sales

Business to Business Sales

Consumable Sales

Capital Equipment Sales

Trade Sales

Technical Sales

Sales Engineer

Service Sales

Distributor Sales

Party Planner

Fashion Sales

Area Development Executive

Furniture Sales

IT Sales

Hospitality & Entertainment Sales

Event Sales

Shop Sales

Store Sales

Specialist Sales


Hotel & Hospitality Sales

Internal Sales

Lead Generators

Account Executive

Client Services

Account Manager

Media Sales

OEM Sales

Advertising Sales

Personal Sales

Customer Service

Telephone Support

Customer Help

This list is not exhaustive. The 4D Selling Process is designed to support any role that has either a Customer Service or Face-2-Face Sales function incorporated into its job or person specification.

Indeed the skills and knowledge developed within this programme is suitable for personal Continual Professional Development, as well organisational workforce development for all sectors and businesses, whether owner-operator, Small to Medium sized or indeed Blue Chip multinational Corporation. For companies and organisations this learning programme aims to develop talent within your organisation, improving the performance of individuals and teams. It is also suitable as a component of an extended induction programme for new entrants.

So who is the 4D Selling Process for?

This 4D learning programme is structured in 3 levels;

  1. Beginners:   EQF / QCF Level 1
  2. Improvers:   EQF / QCF Level 2
  3. Advanced:  EQF / QCF Level 3

Each programme is expanded into the next level building upon the fundamentals of the 4D Selling Process. Each level is unitised with a number of stand alone units that can be recognised in their own right. The predetermined number units make up the full programme at each level but each unit may be studied independently of each other. The design of the individual level units makes the programme suitable for people of all types of experience.

4D Selling Level Exapnsion Description

For example:  An aspiring salesperson who is entering the profession may start with the beginner’s level. A salesperson who has experience but has never undertaken any formal training or study, would also be recommended to start at this level. In addition, a person who has not started to work in the industry may also start and this point.

A salesperson who has some previous training or study in the area and has been working for some time in sales, but needs to improve their skill and knowledge, may start at the ‘improvers level’. As each level has the previous level inbuilt, learners will not be prejudiced against having not studied at the previous level.

It is also possible to enter the programme at the ‘advanced level’, once again someone entering at this level would not be prejudiced against as it incorporates the previous levels. However, it is not recommended to undertake this route unless the salesperson has either undertaken training or study at this level in the sales area, or has extensive experience as a salesperson with considerable knowledge gained.

For those learners that start at an earlier level, they do not need to complete the units studied at the previous level and have a programme route designed to simply add the learning necessary for the units at the proceeding level. E.g. A salesperson who has completed and passed the ‘beginners’ units, does not need to retake this study. A building block of learning objects that facilitates the completion at the ‘improver’s level’ is designed for this purpose.



4D Selling Process

Unit 7 4D Marketing Basics

The aim of this unit is to develop knowledge and understanding of the marketing mix and the concepts of marketing and sales.

4D Selling Process

Unit 5 4D Understanding the Buyers Needs

This unit aims to support knowledge and understanding about consumer buying behaviour and factors that influence the consumer. This is an essential part of the sales process that supports the concept of customer focus.

4D Selling Process

Unit 4 4D Communication Skills

This unit aims to support learners in gaining the knowledge and understanding about the questioning and listening skills needed by salespeople, how and when to ask questions and how to demonstrate to the customer that you are listening.  The sales role requires the ability and skills to communicate information about products and / or services to customers both verbally and non-verbally and to build rapport.

4D Selling Process

Unit 4 4D Good Customer Service Skills

This unit is designed to enable learners to understand the ideas and develop the skills of customer service.

4D Selling Process

Unit 2 4D Selling Process

This unit aims to support learners in developing knowledge and understanding of the 4D Selling Process and the way in which the sales cycle works.

4D Selling Process

Unit 1 4D Make an Ethical and Legal Sale

This unit aims to cover the knowledge involved in understanding customers’ legal rights and ethical selling and the consequences of non-compliance and unethical selling.

Sales people must show that they act responsibly in relation to their customers and must obey the law in relation to selling.