Rubric Consultancy Trial Course

·         This is a simple demonstration of a typical learning programme and the learning objects.

·         It provides you with a view of the layout and mode of delivery.

·         It does not indicate level or content depth. The levels, content and assessment is largely dependent upon the study programme. Typically

    • Beginners/level 1 will be assessed by Multi-choice Questions.
    • Improvers/level 2 will be assessed by Situational Assessment.
    • Advanced/level 3 will be assessed by Work Based Activities.

·         Content and depth of learning guidance. Typically

    • Beginners/level 1 will provide an understanding and application with supervision.
    • Improvers/level 2 will provide further understanding and application with supervision, with increasing autonomy.
    • Advanced/level 3 will provide a depth of understanding and application with autonomy.

·          This trial is provided as a sample and does not intend to provide an actual programme.

A Variety of sample learning objects and learner activities.