March 14, 2013

Pathfinder Apprenticeship Design and Development

Rubric Consultancy can provide an Apprenticeship Design and Development Service for your organisation. Talk to us about Pathfinder Apprenticeships.

“The Future of Apprenticeships in England: Next Steps from the Richard Review  March 2013″

The Governments ‘post Richards Review of Apprenticeships’ in the United Kingdom. See the PDF version on the link below.


Richards’ review of apprenticeships:

In light of the Government’s adoption of suggestions made by Doug Richards in his review of Apprenticeship Provision. In particular the new Pathfinder Apprenticeships and the new employer ‘apprenticeship levy’:

Robbie Beecher, Rubric Consultancy, has significant experience of working with employers, employer groups, stakeholders and training providers to design, develop and manage apprenticeship provision.

These include;

  • National & Regional Youth Service(s) including LLUK
  • Retail Motor Industry
  • Peugeot Motor Company
  • CITB
  • Laing O’Rourke
  • Persimmon Homes
  • Barret Developments
  • Thames Group Ambulance Service
  • Oxford Construction Training Group
  • Brandon Hire Plc
  • Many other Blue Chip and SME’s Organisations



Doug Richards (Richards Review of Apprenticeships)

Individual employers, employer partnerships or other organisations with the relevant expertise should be invited to design and develop apprenticeship qualifications for their sectors.”

RuBric Consultancy offers a full consultancy service to work with you to design, develop and manage the accreditation & verification of ‘fit for purpose’ Apprenticeship Qualifications that meet the needs of your business, industry or sector whilst traversing the specific criteria set by the Government and funding bodies to ensure that these meet their demands.

We can work with you to;

  • Define your Apprenticeship Training Needs
  • Design a programme
  • Design qualifications
  • Attain accreditation
  • Implement Testing & Verification
  • Deliver a high quality provision
  • Support access to funding

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Pathfinder Apprentiecships

Work Based Learning

Skills Funding Agency

National Apprenticeship Service

Design Apprenticeships

Manage Apprenticeships

Deliver Apprenticeships

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