Richards Review of Apprenticeships – Companies to develop own apprenticeships

The Richard Review of Apprenticeships


“An independent review of apprenticeships published today (Tuesday) calls on the Government to improve their quality and make them more focused on the needs of employers. The Government warmly welcomes the report.”

RuBric Consultancy can help your organisation to develop its own apprenticeships.

Doug Richards on employer-led development of apprenticeship qualifications …………. 

“These new apprenticeship qualifications should replace today’s apprenticeship frameworks. They should be set by those who know best: employers.

That is not the case today, or certainly not as directly and consistently as it needs to be, and many employers complain that the
frameworks are not fit for purpose.

The solution lies in shifting the power over designing and developing apprenticeship qualifications to employers in a far
more direct and transparent way than at present, whilst giving Government a clearer role in defining what a good quality standard looks like.
I believe that a contest for the ‘best’ qualification will best achieve this outcome. We envision that the contestants will be employers or employer-led coalitions.

They might include current professional or employer trade bodies, newly formed groups developed specifically for the contest, individual employers – where they have the capacity, industry buy-in and desire to lead – royal academies or current sector skills councils that evolve to support this process or other groups.

The new apprenticeship qualifications should be clearly linked to any existing and well-recognised certification process within
sectors and across professions.”

RuBric Consultancy has extensive experience of ‘apprenticeship provision and development’. Having worked with many stakeholders to develop both new and existing apprenticeships including National Organisations, International & Multi-national companies, Small to medium sized enterprises, employer training groups and training providers.

We can offer support to define your apprenticeship needs. Develop these into qualifications and steer these through to accreditation into your apprenticeship.

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