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4D Selling Process

Unit 7 4D Marketing Basics

The aim of this unit is to develop knowledge and understanding of the marketing mix and the concepts of marketing and sales.

4D Selling Process

Unit 5 4D Understanding the Buyers Needs

This unit aims to support knowledge and understanding about consumer buying behaviour and factors that influence the consumer. This is an essential part of the sales process that supports the concept of customer focus.

4D Selling Process

Unit 4 4D Communication Skills

This unit aims to support learners in gaining the knowledge and understanding about the questioning and listening skills needed by salespeople, how and when to ask questions and how to demonstrate to the customer that you are listening.  The sales role requires the ability and skills to communicate information about products and / or services to customers both verbally and non-verbally and to build rapport.

4D Selling Process

Unit 4 4D Good Customer Service Skills

This unit is designed to enable learners to understand the ideas and develop the skills of customer service.

4D Selling Process

Unit 2 4D Selling Process

This unit aims to support learners in developing knowledge and understanding of the 4D Selling Process and the way in which the sales cycle works.

4D Selling Process

Unit 1 4D Make an Ethical and Legal Sale

This unit aims to cover the knowledge involved in understanding customers’ legal rights and ethical selling and the consequences of non-compliance and unethical selling.

Sales people must show that they act responsibly in relation to their customers and must obey the law in relation to selling.

A Variety of sample learning objects and learner activities.

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